On 29 March, Black Wednesday, the Tory government in Britain is triggering Article 50 (aka ‘A50’) to commence BREXIT, thereby starting a diplomatic procedure that threatens to unravel the institutions that have played such an important role in preserving stability in Europe since the Second World War. This is the handiwork of a few opportunists in its ranks (chiefly Theresa May and Boris Johnson), a number of mendacious and generally unscrupulous newspapers led by the Daily Mail, and a clique of extreme right-wing, anti-EU Tory fanatics basking in the glory of their massive 37 per cent majority of ‘the people’ in last June’s referendum (hang on – isn’t there something wrong there?). It is only a small consolation that the triggering of A50 briefly shared headlines on the BBC News this morning with the reminder that Britain’s road network is in a parlous state, with potholes everywhere (I have hit them on motorways as well as minor roads), and ‘the A50’ is also the name of a road in the UK. I don’t believe in omens, but at least those in favour of remaining in the EU have been gifted a very serviceable metaphor.

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