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Project 1: A History of Diplomacy: Diplomatic systems from ancient times to the present

This is a joint project on which I am working with John W. Young
It is tentatively organized around the related concepts of diplomatic system and diplomatic style, and is prompted by three main questions. First, what were the characteristic methods of the diplomacy of the period and region in question? Second, how were these shaped by geography, technology, and culture? Third, how effective was the diplomacy thrown up by these circumstances?

At the moment the contents list and division of labour is looking something like this:

  1. The Ancient Near East (GB)
  2. Early Islam (JY)
  3. Ancient Greece (GB)
  4. Rome/Byzantium (JY)
  5. Asia: India and China (JY)
  6. Mediaeval Europe (JY)
  7. Renaissance Europe (incl. Venice) (GB)
  8. Pre-imperial Africa (JY)
  9. The Ottoman Empire (GB)
  10. The Americas (JY)
  11. The French system (GB)
  12. The World System (GB/JY)