Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, 6th ed.  –  Online updating pages

Chapter 12: Summits

p. 201 (line 3 up), the risk of ‘making unwise concessions in order to achieve a “success”‘: Did President Macron make this mistake in his summit encounter with President Putin in Moscow on 7 February 2022? Only (a short) time will tell. But what an encounter! Could the French possibly have known that their president would have to face Putin at the end of such a long table (see photo in Politico article in Further reading below)? Was it really a good idea to have this discussion, which lasted for five hours, in public? It is a relief to know that they probably had a private discussion afterwards.


Further reading
Herszenhorn, David M. and Giorgio Leali, ‘Defiant Putin mauls Macron in Moscow’, Politico, 7 February 2022