From now on I shall be publishing on this site – and nowhere else – any new articles I write. This will not only make them much more accessible but also enable me to launch them as soon as they are finished (it can take a year or more to get an article into a good academic journal). In making this decision I have also taken to heart some of the points made by George Monbiot about ‘The Lairds of Learning’.

The first ‘article’ listed below (‘British Heads of Mission at Constantinople …’) is the exception to the rule that this list includes pieces just completed. In fact, I was commissioned to write this in the summer of 2017 on the understanding that the biographic dictionary of which it was to form part would appear later in the same year. In fact, although I completed on time, for a variety of reasons the dictionary had to be abandoned, so I have expanded my contribution into a short book. This page seemed to be the best place for it.

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