Revision of two existing entries for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography:

  • E. C. Grenville-Murray (1823–1881)
  • James Brinsley-Richards (1846–1892)

Outposts of Diplomacy: A History of the Embassy (Reaktion Books, London, forthcoming)

outposts of diplomacy a history of the embassy book
This is my swan song. It’s 110,000 words long (excluding the index) and has 60 black and white illustrations. Publication is scheduled for 1 March 2024 in the UK and 1 May 2024 in the USA.

This is the contents list:

1          Fifteenth-Century Beginnings

2          Expanding Duties

3          Household and Buildings

4          Pre-Telegraphic Communications

5          Nineteenth-Century Highpoint

6          Enter the Americas

7          The Middle East and Africa

8          Far Eastern Compounds

9          Backseat after the First World War

10        Stubborn Institution

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