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Diplomatic Security under a Comparative Lens—Or Not?

Eugenio Cusumano, Christopher Kinsey, eds. Diplomatic Security: A Comparative Analysis. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2019. 280 pp. $65.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-5036-0898-6. “Diplomatic security” is the term now usually preferred to “diplomatic protection” for the steps [...]

Barder, Brian, Brian Barder’s Diplomatic Diary

Barder, Brian, Brian Barder’s Diplomatic Diary, ed. Louise Barder (privately published: London, 2019), pp. 307. Paperback ISBN 978-1-944066-29-1; hardback ISBN 978-1-944066-25-3. Available from Amazon, as well as other booksellers. Sir Brian Barder, the senior British [...]

Room for Diplomacy: The history of Britain’s diplomatic buildings overseas, 1800-2000

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Mark Bertram, Room for Diplomacy: The history of Britain’s diplomatic buildings overseas, 1800-2000, 2nd ed. (Spire Books: Salisbury, 2017), pp. 479 incl. index, ISBN 978-1-904965-54-1 Mark Bertram joined the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works [...]

Diplomatic Notebooks 1, 1958-1960: The view from Ankara

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Zeki Kuneralp, Diplomatic Notebooks 1, 1958-1960: The view from Ankara, ed. and introduced by Sinan Kuneralp (The Isis Press: Istanbul, 2018), ISBN 978-975-428-616-8/978-975-428-617-5, pp. 342, incl. name and analytical index. Publisher's page Zeki Kuneralp (1914-1998) was [...]

Curing the Sick Man: Sir Henry Bulwer and the Ottoman Empire, 1858-1865

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(Republic of Letters: Dordrecht, 2011) ISBN 9789089790569, pp. 269 incl. index This is the first book of a very promising young historian. Laurence Guymer, who is head of the Department of History at Winchester College [...]

Back Channel to Cuba: The hidden history of negotiations between Washington and Havana

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(The University of North Carolina Press: Chapel Hill, 2014), 524pp. incl. index. ISBN 978-I-4696-1763-3 (cloth); ISBN 978-I-4696-1764-0 (ebook) This book went to press after the much-publicised handshake between US president Barack Obama and Cuban president [...]


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Akteure, Schauplätze, Zwischenrufe – Ein Lesebuch 2013. 436 S. Geb. CHF 48.00 / EUR 39.50 ISBN 978-3-0340-1206-5. [buy this book] A must-have for German-speaking students of Swiss diplomacy (and diplomacy generally) since the Second World [...]

Just a Diplomat

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Zeki Kuneralp, Just a Diplomat, trsl. by Geoffrey Lewis with a preface by Andrew Mango (The Isis Press: Istanbul, 1992), pp. 152, incl. appendices and index. ISBN 975-428-029-0 Theophilus C. Prousis, British Consular Reports from [...]

The New Diplomacy

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(Polity Press: Cambridge, 2003), 150pp. (with index), ISBN (pb) 0-7456-2790-0 ; (hb) 0-7456-2789-7 Shaun Riordan was a British diplomat for 16 years before resigning in 2000 to take up private consultancy work and journalism in [...]

Inside Diplomacy

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(Manas Publications: New Delhi, 2000), 455pp. with Index, ISBN 81-7049-102-2. [ buy this book ] This is a book on diplomacy in general and the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in particular. It is also a [...]

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