British Heads of Mission at Constantinople, 1583–1922
(Self-published, 2020)

G. R. Berridge

British Heads of Mission at Constantinople 150

I was commissioned to write on this subject in the summer of 2017 on the understanding that it would appear later in the same year in A Biographic Dictionary of Heads of Foreign  Diplomatic Missions in Constantinople (1839–1922), edited by Sinan Kuneralp for his Isis Press, Istanbul, and with a rather good front cover (see on this page). I dropped everything and completed on time but, through no fault of Sinan, the Dictionary was badly delayed and in the end, a little over three years later, had to be abandoned altogether. We could not agree on the larger size of the book he kindly offered to make out of my own contribution, so I expanded it just a little and published it on my website.

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