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Chapter 15: Special Missions

p. 253, first bullet point, intelligence officers qualified by virtue of prior diplomatic experience: An outstanding example in the early 2020s is William J. Burns, appointed Director of the CIA by US President Joe Biden in March 2021. He had previously been a career diplomat for 32 years and holder of senior positions in the Department of State and National Security Council; from 2005 until 2008 he had been ambassador to Russia, following which he was made a Career Ambassador, the highest rank in the US Foreign Service. He speaks Russian, French, and Arabic. Among the special missions he is known to have undertaken as Director of the CIA (some secret at the time) are: Kabul, August 2021; Moscow, November 2021; Saudi Arabia, April 2022; Armenia, July 2022; Ankara, November 2022 (where he again met his Russian counterpart, SVR chief Sergei Naryshkin); China, May 2023; and Qatar, November 2023.
second bullet point, and top of following page: A Mossad team, led initially by its chief, David Barnea, was given responsibility for the Israeli negotiations with Hamas on the release of hostages mediated by Qatar in November/December 2023.

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